I am.

I’m a man with thousands dreams,

Anxiety burning , lives screams,

Beyond help I couldn’t achive a thing,

I’m a man I have to do something.

Lights are gone , gone a long,

I see my hopes but they’re wrong,

What’s mine? My name, my shine?

It’s been a while since I’m dead inside.

But I’m a man I got to run,

I got to run till my faith turn,

I have to earn to earn respect,

Or the society will suspect.

I’m not a thief but a good man,

Heart of gold ” I am a man”.


Sometimes good things fall apart. How hard one try not to fall , how hard one try not to collapse, how hard are the things we want not to break, but atlast everything does fall to take a leap of faith in one’s hand, then build a masterpiece, just like how the earth was created. It’s meant to be hard , so hard that the cosmos itself feel bound before it. All things were young at first the rage within us define us made us what we are now, and moving ahead by pushing ourself is the leap of faith where one can creat a masterpiece.

Only then one can earn the pride the love the comrades beside us and within us is all one can want and have.

Searching for ourselves is the toughest journy for the life time,life is what happen in between , the memories we made the path we choose to walk the way one speak is the divine.

Sometimes the dark inside of ous blind our vision, make us feel we are worse , good for nothing . That’s where the fight began the path we choose and walk define ourselves some good to great and some bad to worse . No matter what we choose we feel alive . O eself feel alive that’s all it matters.

“living a live and living a life to the fullest define one.”. – Amlan Biswas

Puzzles of Misery.

Miserable whisper are the scariest,in a matter of time it could make you to take your life in you’re own hand. Possible solutions are for you to die and set your soul free. Insanely rythem of your blood will stop then, your body’s paleness justify the calmness. At last peace . But what about you’re rage you suppressed within your cold fuzzy heart , for too long, layer after layer of your dark rage ragging over your dead chest. The lies you used to dominate your own sorrows , anger, dispute with “alright’s” , “it’s oaky’s” , “I am fines’s”, now hammering you. It won’t set you free even when your dead. You need help , but is it possible to help yourself when you are already dead?

Now shame is on you , your regretting of not liveing your life to it’s fullest.

It might have saved you. Now you’re slowly sinking to a world of web from where you can never set yourself free.

Far away a glittering light you can see but can’t touch. You are tied with iron shakel . And you make a wish. You hoped , you believed, but couldn’t see .

You wish from the dark to God to bless his shine upon his children so that they become strong and live not like you who died , who scared from a Misery.

” No matter how hard your life is , it is a blessing, be strong and fight for your peace”. – Amlan Biswas

Eventually we all have to die one day so do something good,have no regrets. Devine shall bless you with light.


All the theory, mystery, truth lies in it’s simplest manner. Our brains are bound to think in a hard, complicated way. This is the reason we are simply missing the smallest but effective happiness in our life. I had a really bad day, yesterday . Had a fight with my closet person , so I took time to think and I did a real good thinking that I remembered a line ” If you want to do something no matter how small it is just go for it, keep your life as simple as you can so your problem what you think is big will eventually find it’s own way out of your life” .

First I thought I should calm myself,I did. Than I found that I’m too disturbed to take a discussion so I took my time to smile laugh spend some time making music. Than I figured out where I went wrong . I thought about everything and my ego was just vanished in a matter of time .

I thought I should apologise and I did . I kept it as simple as I can and I do feel great about it. Definately there will be a response no matter how good or bad do not let your emotions play with you it’s only you who can control it.

Keep you’re life as simple as you can it doesn’t mean it has to be perfect all there, it need is you . Only you can be the cosmos of your life be that . My great wishes are with you all.

“Simplicity is not only a word it’s a mind setup that only you can achieve”. -Amlan Biswas

Middle of The Night.

If you want to fall in love , fall in love with yourself , the universe is waiting to be loved, who knows. You have found yourself , lying on your bed subconscious in the rhythmic chorus, puffing a cigarette in vain and a settled smile. Yes you have grown up, you are stong now, you have forgiven yourself . Can you believe in the middle of the night in a cruel you have found peace . It’s hard I know we all know.

“You should have richness in life not in wealth”

You stare outside at the lonely road where the moon reflects its own glory. It seems you love it, the sun would have love it so why not you. Yes you do you do love the night blue you do want to be a happy you.

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